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Manamantha Movie Review


Manamantha Movie Review 

Film maker Chandra Sekhar Yeleti is back with a film called ‘Manamantha’, where he did not tell any story but depicted our lives on screen. The complete actor Mohanlal came up with a complete entertainer in Telugu after 22 years. Manamantha is one film which is going to come along with us from cinema theatre to our home. This is one film where we get to see ourselves on screen at some point and at some situation in the plot. Very rarely, we get to experience realistic films on Telugu screen and Manamantha is the film that comes to us this weekend. There is a lot to tell about this particular film because Manamantha is very special and brilliant in many aspects. Miracles don’t happen every week but when they happen, it’s our duty to recognise them and share them with the world. Chandra Sekhar Yeleti is the man behind this miracle now and he proves again that content is always the king.

To be honest, I didn’t find any story in the film rather I found a life. The film comes with a caption of One World, Four Different Stories and I put it as “One Life.. Different Emotions.” Every emotion has a connection with our lives. The life is incomplete with all these emotions. The film reveals the stories of four characters Sai Ram, Gayathri, Abhiram and Mahitha. All the four characters encounter different situations in their paths and all four characters prove “All of Us are equal in leading a life. No one is aware of what is going to happen next. No one is aware of the purpose of one’s life. Everyone is clueless about themselves and all of us are just going with the flow. All of us are same. All of us are equal.

Sai ram is an Assistant Manager in a Super Market. Gayathri is a middle-class house wife. Abhiram is a young collge going guy and Mahathi is a school going child. There is a dialogue in the film where Sai Ram says, “బ్రతకనేర్వడం తెలుసుకున్నా అనుకున్నాను. కానీ మనిషిగా బ్రతకడం మానేసానని ఇప్పుడు తెలుసుకున్నాను.” The real struggle of a middle class common man who wishes for a growth in his job was shown through Sai Ram character which was played by Mohanlal. There is a mixture of elements like Humanity, Self-Respect, Competitive Spirit, Innocence and Jealous in his character and the complete actor did a perfect justice for his role. He reacted in all the scenes so naturally. He also dubbed for his role in the film. His dedication for the film is outstanding. Gayathri is a middle class house wife. Yeleti depicted the life of every mother through this character. Most of our mothers sacrifice a lot thinking about the betterment of the family and wishes for a better living every single day. They concern a lot about children and the family. Gautami was a perfect choice for the role. What an actress she is! She is brilliant in the role Gayathri and portrayed each and every emotion so naturally that we could relate our mothers, aunts and some random person we knew in real life to her. She added a lot of freshness to the screen with her presence. We wish to see her in many more roles in Telugu after this film. Urvashi acted as Gautami’s friend in the film and she supported her a lot.

Abhiram character also has the natural connectivity. He is one among us in the real lives. He could also be us sometimes! He is the one who sacrifices anything for his girl friend. He loves a girl and wants her in his life. He does all possible things he could but the girl ditches him in the end. Left with no other option, he opts suicide but something stops him in doing that and lifts his spirits up. The character was played by Viswant who made his debut with the film Kerintha. He did his part well by maintaining the innocence properly with his role. Anisha Ambrose played his love interest in the film. She is good in her role. But the ending to the love story of Viswant and Anisha was not convincing and it appears to be hurried. Other actors like Chaitanya Krishna, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, LB Sriram, Dhanraj, Harshavardhan, Paruchuri venkateswara Rao and others made their presence felt. The special mention to Nandamuri Taraka Ratna who played a cameo in the film. He delivers a dialogue “ఇక్కడ ప్రతి వాడు తన జీవితం లో తప్పిపోయిన వాడే” which is so true and reveals about the lives of current generation.

The new found talent with the film is the 11 year old child artist Baby Raina Rao. What a performer she is! She portrayed every emotion perfectly. Mahitha is the name of her character. Her innocence will surely make you fall in love with her. She surprises you in several scenes and adds major contribution to the success of the film with her performance.

The cinematography of the film is good. The editing is neat. The music is nice and the background score is perfect. So far, the films made by Yeleti are strong with content and he is a master in bringing the natural emotions on screen through his characters. He registers every single character very well with us and make us feel that special connection with all those. He is one of the finest film makers in Telugu cinema and was also most under rated director. Strong writing and strong characterisations of Manamantha proves the worth of Yeleti and keeps the hope of change in Telugu cinema alive. His brilliance in writing this film is extraordinary. He is one film maker who could make us sit and enjoy for each and every emotion of the film. The screenplay of the film is brilliant. All the emotions that were portrayed through different characters of the film are so natural and it is sure that we all will lose ourselves watching the film.

On a whole, Manamantha is an emotional drama which introduces us to different emotions in one life through 4 characters! A must watch film for this weekend. Go for it.


  • Performances of Lead Actors
  • Raina Rao
  • Background Score
  • Dialogues
  • Screenplay


  • Slow Pace

Filmyship Rating : 3.5/5



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