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Udta Punjab Film Title to be Updated

” Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance”.

Really disappointed to see how censor board is taking decisions lately. Makers of Udta Punjab were asked to remove ‘Punjab’ from thudtae title itself. While movie is supposed to depict ongoing drug abuse in Punjab. One question that baffles me is why would censor board remove the title of the film that touches the realistic aspect of a state that is totally messed up in drug abuse.
Back in 1995 , movie named “Bombay” released which highlighted mumbai riots of 1992. &1993. Still censor board passed that film with hardly any cuts. Its really disappointing to see how censor board is regressing while country is trying to progress in every aspect possible. This is not democracy, this hypocrisy !
Only one question arises, is our society actually liberating or is it just a facade?

The sad fact is that some people believe this will help in winning elections. While the youth, the economy, families and lives are being torn apart every single day. A movie which does not promote substance abuse but is trying to show the real issues at work, the ground reality, the nexus between politics, black money and the criminal underworld is being silenced.


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