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Udta Punjab Movie Uncensored Version Leaked Online

Udta-Punjab-LeakedThe CBFC copy of Udta Punjab leaked online.

The CBFC copy of Udta Punjab leaked online. Though am not associated with the film, I know producers take great pains to make sure their films are not leaked before the official release. In fact in today’s digital age it is quite difficult to get a good pirated print (at least until an original DVD or Blu-ray hits the market which can then be ripped) and most pirated movies are of a substandard cam print shot in a movie hall. That too happens only after the release of a film. That being said, the censor copy print is usually an export from the edit itself with a near final sound slapped on and is usually a decent quality print as the great members of the CFBC need it lest their moral scissors go haywire.

CBFC Reaction

The CBFC insists only DVDs be submitted to them which can easily be copied- not DCPs. It can be so disheartening for so many people who have put in their blood, sweat, emotion and money into something they believe in only to be fucked by a narcissistic hypocrite. The last CBFC chief was arrested for taking bribes. It’s now the current one’s time to go!

Meanwhile, reports today said the main accused behind the alleged leaking of Udta Punjab on the internet and the subsequent making of its DVDs has been identified and likely to be arrested soon.


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