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Vickey A Must Watch Short Film

Vickey SHort FIlm

Vickey A Must Watch Short Film :You won’t regret spending 10 minutes to watch it

A 10-minute-long short film “Vicky” has become the talk of the social media. Written, directed and edited by Manu Antony, it has been garnering tremendous response from audience and celebrities.

“Vicky” stars a well trained Golden Retriever in the lead role, who teaches us that “there is no such thing as part freedom.” The short film, which was released on Independence Day, Aug. 15, makes us aware that not just human beings, even animals must be given freedom. Without any dialogues, the emotions of the dog are well captured in the movie, which has been now being tagged as one of the must watch short films.

My Opinion Is…

It’s awsome, it’s awesome, it’s awesome….nobody can stop sharing this wonderful short film…

Hats off to the Director who perfectly managed a theme using animals without harming them

Hats off to the DOP who mesmerized our eyes with beautiful shots

Hats off to the Editor, becoz of who the scenes are exceptionally connected

Hats off to the trainer of Vicky , hopefully become of him, Vicky acted extraordinarily

Hats off to Vicky for his extraordinary acting worth a Oscar for vickey’s  acting.

You Will Fall in Love with that dog after watching this short film

Watch Vickey Short Film


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