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Vickey A Must Watch Short Film

Vickey A Must Watch Short Film :You won’t regret spending 10 minutes to watch it A 10-minute-long short film “Vicky” has become the talk of the social media. Written, directed and edited by Manu Antony, it has been garnering tremendous response from audience and celebrities. “Vicky” stars a well trained Golden …

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25 Countries Indians Can Travel Without Visa

25 Countries Indians Can Travel Without Visa When we think of going on a trip abroad, one of the first things that pop up in our mind is the expenses and formalities, especially getting a visa. But did you know there are several countries Indians can visit without much visa …

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11 Pictures That Reveal The Ugly Face Of Stupidity

Indian logic can sometimes prove really insane. The following 11 posters perfectly capture how mindless our society can be. Everybody is entitled to their opinions yes, but is everyone also entitled to belittle people and situations to the point of making a complete mockery of human empathy? Indian Logic Can be …

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Illustrations That Describe Life In The Office Perfectly

Many of us spend most of our lives in the office. And every office has its own rules and features: the beginning of the month, the lunch tables, the different relationships we have with our colleagues. However, there are some common situations that almost every office worker faces. Filmyship  collected some illustrations which demonstrate perfectly what office life …

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Do you Know These Indian Film Stars Real Names?

  Do you Know These Indian Film Stars Real Names? Many famous actors are changed their names because of many consequences..apart from that consequences take a look at what are real names of Indian Film Stars.. 1.Amitabh Bachchan   2.Chiranjeevi   3.Rajanikanth   4.Mammootty   5.Ranveer Singh   6.John Abraham   …

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Top 20 Movies Make You Think

Here are the Top 20 Movies Make You Think.Generally movies are for entertainment but only some movies make you to think even after watching the movie common audience will try to recall each and every scene. There is a small risk in this type of movies,actually general audience may not …

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